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About Us 


Melissa Jane Beatty 

 Nature enthusiast and homeschooling Mama since 2016.  Melissa has had a lifetime of multi-cultural life experiences; living and working and backpacking all over the world. As a family, they have world schooled across Southeast Asia and explored the beauty of the USA in their camper for many years. 

Melissa's interest in forest school education grew after witnessing such positive effects that outdoor, child led education had on her own children. Melissa's path crossed with Madlen's (Co-Founder) and their shared passion for the outdoors created Children's Forest School. In her spare time, Melissa can be found hiking, skiing, and enjoying the sunshine at the beach with her family. 

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Madlen Sarkisyan

Educator for over 15 years and homeschooling Mama since 2020 with a passion for nature and child development. As a seasoned  classroom teacher, Madlen has years of experience working alongside children. She has a Master's degree in Early Childhood Education and has presented at conferences across the country, as well as teaching various courses at local colleges. However, after the pandemic there was a shift and she emerged with a clear sense of what meaningful learning and connection can look like without walls, within nature. In an effort to create community for her child, the idea of Children's Forest School was born when she met Melissa and shared the same values in creating such a place for all children. A place to be wildly curious, free to explore and build deep connections. 

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